About ANCC

The All Nations City Church is part of the Foursquare Gospel Denomination* in New Zealand and globally.

Our Vision

Reach, teach and empower others through Jesus Christ.

About Us

We’re all about people because God is all about people. One of the ways we express our love for Him is through our passion for people, and we do that by helping each person who comes to All Nations city Church grow in their relationship with the Lord.

It begins with our vision to see people reached through salvations teach them the word and empower them through Jesus to serve.

The church is so much more than a service on the weekend. It’s about connecting with other people, growing in your faith, and building a strong foundation for your family. We desire to work as one family to serve in His kingdom. We want every person to have the opportunity to use is the God-given talent to serve.

What We Believe

The Foursquare Church believes that Jesus Christ
is the Saviour, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Healer, and Soon-Coming King.

We stand firm on the foundation set by Hebrews 13:8,
which proclaims: “Jesus Christ the Same, Yesterday and
Today and Forever.”

Declaration of Faith

New to ANCC?

Welcome to All Nations City Church,
a family church where we seek to love God and love one another. Please feel free to join us at our Sunday morning service where like-minded people come together to worship God and encourage one another in the Christian faith.

Our messages are aimed to provide a sound Biblical foundation upon which we can build, as we desire to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

All Nations City Church is a family community where people truly care and work together to encourage one another to reach the potential that God has placed within each of us. There are many different ministries available to provide opportunities for the outworking of our God-given talents.

Children are also very welcome to participate in the dynamic Children’s Church that runs during the service.

Pastor Theo

In obedience to a call from the Lord, Pastor Theo and his wife Manju together with their three children migrated to New Zealand from Sri Lanka in the year 2001. They left behind lucrative jobs and totally trusted the Lord for guidance and provision.

This was a massive move of faith which also fulfilled a prophecy given by a man of God who had prayed over them.

The prophecy clearly outlined the move to a country that had four stars in its flag, consisted of two islands and had volcanic activity. However the Lord did not reveal the name of the country at the time.

While in Sri Lanka Pastor Theo was actively involved in Christian Ministry for several years in addition to being leader of the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship of the Colombo Chapter. A year after settling in their adopted country the Nayagam family started a home group affiliated to the East City Elim Church. The Falkiner family from Canada also joined the group.

Both families worked closely together and their efforts saw the advent of the first Four Square Church in New Zealand. The congregation met at a primary school hall each week.

In the year 2007 the Lord spoke to Manju in a vision clearly showing a city, people and Pastors Theo and Robin ministering in partnership. Both families took the matter to the Lord in prayer for a whole year.

In April 2008 Pastor Theo and Manju took another step of faith in planting a new branch of the growing Four Square Church in New Zealand. They were well supported by Pastor Robin John and his family who by this time had moved to New Zealand for a brief period.

Dr. Glenn Burris

Glenn Burris Jr.

President, The Foursquare Church

President Glenn Burris Jr. graduated from Mount Vernon Bible College in 1976. He served as youth pastor in Concord, N.C., for a year and, in 1977, became a senior pastor in Macon, Ga. He later pastored a Foursquare church in Cornelius, N.C., and has served as a divisional superintendent and a member of the Foursquare cabinet. He currently serves on the Foursquare board of directors, Foursquare Foundation board and the Life Pacific College board of trustees. He also has served as global chair and is currently co-chair of the Foursquare Global Council.

Dr. Leslie Keegel

In September of 1982 he was ordained by the Foursquare Gospel’s Director of Foreign Missions Dr Leland Edwards and subsequently appointed the President of the denomination in Sri Lanka in April 1983. Under his leadership the denomination grew from 2 churches in 1983 to 1,800 Churches Island wide at the present. While presiding over the denomination, Leslie also pioneered the headquarters church called the “Living Way Church” twenty years ago and currently serves as the senior Pastor of this Church, which has a congregation of over 1,000 members. He also started the LIFE BIBLE Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka in March 1986 which presently has 20 extension centers nationwide and an enrolment nearing 1,000 students. Leslie serves as President of this Institute and teaches in it regularly.

Dr. Leslie Keegel’s ministry has been characterized by the free flow of the Holy Spirit with the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. His preaching has been accompanied with physical healings and miracles. Many thousands have been set free from demonic bondages and from the crippling power of witchcraft. He is an exemplary leader who is a living model of servant leadership. He is a discipler of men and women and is a very fruitful Church planter for the past 34 years.

In January 2000, the International headquarters appointed Dr. Leslie Keegel as Chairman of the South Asia regional Council of Foursquare Churches. The South Asia regional council covers

Dr. Jerry Stott

Jerry and Julie serve the Lord as FMI area missionaries in the South Pacific, based in Brisbane, the centre of the South Pacific Region.

Dr Jerry and Rev. Julie Stott serve the South Pacific Region of Foursquare Churches as Area Missionaries.

Jerry and Julie both received their calling to serve the Lord at age 16. Jerry went to Bible College receiving a diploma in 1984, in the same year he married Julie.

After they were married they served full-time in the Tucson, Arizona Foursquare church from 1985-1991. From 1991-2003, they were senior pastors in a Foursquare church in Southern California. During those years they also served as an Orange County, California Superintendent, for division 27 of the Southwest District Churches, District Pastoral Assessor and as Orange County Police Chaplains.


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