Paul and Margaret

Margaret and I had become unsettled in our previous church and decided we would look for a new church (but we wanted it to be convenient to where we lived in St. Heliers). All the churches in the Eastern Bays area through to Remuera appeared to be traditional churches (and our preference was for an ‘Evangelical’ church).

A friend of ours (who unbeknown to us was now attending ‘All Nations’) turned up ‘out of the blue’ one day and told us about ‘All Nations’ in Meadowbank/Remuera. We said we had never heard of it (despite the fact it had been in existence for 10 years). We said we come along one Sunday morning and check it out.

We duly turned up one Sunday morning and were greeted by our friend and Pastor Theo and his wife (Manju). To cut a long story short, the music/worship was great and all the people we met were lovely. Pastor Theo preached ‘from the heart’ and is a sincere, humble man.

We spoke at length with Theo and Manju after the service as well as some of the other members of the congregation. As Margaret and I were walking back to our car, I said to her “What did you think”. She said “I loved it and this is where we are meant to be”. That was a relief because it was ‘love at first sight’ for me as well!

This all happened many months ago and as time has gone by and we are getting to know more and more people, we are loving our new church even more. ‘All Nations’ is a ‘Goldilocks’ church for us (not too hot and not too cold).

There are 24 different cultures in the church so it is very different to the normal European congregations we had been used to. However, we love the diversity and being members of such a diverse Christian family.

So, if you are looking for a church where the people are lovely, the music/worship is great and the Pastor preaches from the ‘heart’ then come along one Sunday and join us and see what you think for yourself.